Potatoepete Video Productions

Let us sell a special product you are rolling out. This video taken at the 2011 Harvest on the Harbor event in Portland Maine.

Potatoepete Video Productions can make your company come alive. We can tailor videos to meet your needs. Whether it is a business video, a teaching video, a promotional video or a video promoting the area that your business is located in. Potatoepete Video Productions can take your business to the next level. Theses two videos were created for Cook’s Lobster House.  Potatoepete Video Productions can do it for you on the budget you have.

Make sure to make you videos public for added exposure. The video above is featured in the popular blog “Great Maine Vacations

Comedy in videos can help capture the attention of customers

To see more of Potatoepete’s videos go to >


5 Responses to Potatoepete Video Productions

  1. RJM says:

    Hello Potato Pete,

    The intro was a little short … How about that tour you were talkin bout??? We’ed like to see what really happens behind the those kitchen doors.

    • potatoepete says:

      If you click on the Cook’s Lobster House blog link on the side. Under the heading of Friends Website you will be able to find links to all the videos taken at Cook’s. Our baker making some of her fabulous desserts. Interviews with our wharf workers. Much more. You can also click on Potatoepete Utube videos and see them on Utube. Thank You for your interest in Cook’s Lobster House. To learn more about the area that Cooks calls home. Click on the link In Search Of Maine.

  2. les says:

    this is fun…………………. i lived on great island for a couple of years. i love it all……………… and i am an artist and photographer. .. is that a real beard???i am a little leary of that beard. … everyday, i was at the point or the giant stairs or mackeral cove. or . .. the sunset at harpswell. .. i love LOVE . maine and am trying to … get a get away i can own up there. … i am a maineah… though i am not there right now. i will be up to b.b. harbor to stay again for two weeks. . i never took the cruise ??? while i lived there . why?????? i dont know. … i lived the island life and . know that road so well . the loops and the main thing i found out is you never take your eye off the road as the walkers are right there in the road……. ha ha ha.

  3. Donna Frisoli says:

    I wondered if we could play your ghost ship video on the Harpswell Channel

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