Website Set up and Social Media Services

Let us set up and or maintaining your website and social media. We understand that your busy running your business, trying to make it profitable. Let us do the work for you. We will come in and listen to what you need. You tell us the direction you would like your company to go and we will develop a plan to take you there. Below is a basic set of on-line tools we can provide to you and your company.

For the same cost of a single ad in the newspaper or on the radio, we can have you set up and reaching the targeted customers you want.

This is how it works to get you connected with a website and  social Media

Interview For Needs: By phone or on location we will see if we can help you with your business needs. The initial interview is free

Tour Facility: If possible we will tour your facility and get a good idea of exactly what it is that you are in need of for your business and for your guest.

Take Pictures and or video: We will take pictures  for the custom header on your site  and photo gallery. We will also if requested shoot a video for your website/blog. ( Meet the owner, Meet the chef, show the view, food being prepared, products being made,what ever your needs are.

Set up Website/Blog: We will  set up your Website/blog and do the initial posting. Your words of introduction, Pictures, and contact information. Your website will have three pages “Home”, “About”, “Contact Information”.

Cost: $250.

Set up Facebook: Personal and business Accounts

Cost: $50.

Setup Flickr: Up load your pictures taken on tour of your business

Cost: $50

Set up Youtube: Create a short video of your business.

Cost: $100

Set up Twitter: Your twitter account will be tied to your Facebook Page and your Blog/website.

Cost: $50

Set up Linkedin: We set up your profile and your business profile

Cost: $50

Place your business on Google Map: You will be placed on the Google map site with your business information. You will be able to add content to this site as you grow.

Cost: $50

Our goal is to get your business into the 21st century of advertising and public relations. We want to help you communicate with your guest.

You can hire us for one or all of the sites setups above. We also maintain and update your existing sites to keep it fresh and up to date.

We are the most affordable way to get you and your company on  the digital super highway and  social media map.

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