Alcohol Affidavit Form

This form is a requirement in the State of Maine. Find out if the state that you do business in requires it for your imployees that serve alcoholic beverages.


As of July 1, 1990, each applicant for employment as a seller or server of alcoholic beverages is required to submit a completed affidavit stating they have not been convicted of the laws of Illegal Sale of Liquor and/or Furnishing Liquor to a Minor. If the applicant refuses to submit or sign the affidavit or states that they have been convicted of either of those laws, that person cannot be hired in that capacity.


The licensee is required to supply the affidavit to the applicant. You should witness the signing of the affidavit by the applicant. There is no need to forward the affidavit to this office, simply keep it on file in your records and make it available to a Liquor Inspector at their request. The Liquor Licensing & Inspection Unit is required to supply each licensed premise with one affidavit form and the licensee is responsible to make copies of it to have on hand to supply to the applicants.


Maine Liquor Affidavit

Press this link for a printable Form. Liquor Affidavit Liquor Affidavit


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