Gift Certificate Sales

The holidays presents a unique time to increase sales of gift certificates. Many companies have rewards for purchasing a certain amount of gift certificates. One of the ways to enchance this effect is to have the reward printable to the targeted guest in a pdf that can be posted to your site and linked from any of the social networking sites. Have the reward move the guest to your location for the reward and the purchase of the gift certificates. This will enable you to win in both selling the gift certificate for a return visit and if worded properly a sale at the time of the visit. Below is a copy of a reward for the purchase of a gift certificate at Cook’s lobster House. Notice that the reward is only redeemable at the time of the purchase of the gift certificate. This allows for total control by the management on duty, who will authorize the reward and discount the purchase of the goods. In this case food purchased in the restaurant. Win, Win for the guest and for the restaurant.

Below is the Gift Certificate. Press on the Gift Certificate picture for a printable pdf.

Five dollar gift certifcate for Cook's Lobster House

or just create a link for the gift certificat pdf like the one below.

Five dollar gift certificate

If you would like some creative ideas to increase your sales send me an email at:


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