A guide to setting up social media sites

This post is devoted to helping you set up your social media. First I will introduce you the  basics and give you links to the sites that help make it easier for you. Lets start with the 7 essential sites you should have to bring you and your business into the social media world.

Connected is 7 Essential Social Media Sites Every Business Needs. I designed Connected to help you learn how to set up the important pieces of social media. Your business needs to communicate with customers in this digital world. Stop paying for expensive weekly advertising in newspapers, radio or on television. The beauty of social media communications is that once set up all it cost you is time and creativity. You can give the latest news about your business to your customers. Let them know all the events happening in your area, or show great videos about what your company is doing now or in the future.

Connected will walk you through creating your Google email account and Map listing, website/blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and Linkedin. We will link them all together to create a total learning and entertaining experience for your customers. You will create a network to communicate to your customers about the services and products you provide. You will be able to engage and stir interest in your company. You’ll also be able to track feedback and see what the world thinks of your business. You will learn some helpful tricks. If you Purchase the book electronically, you will have direct links right to the site just by pressing Control and click.  This is a do it yourself setup and go book for the person who does not want to spend thousands of dollars to hire someone to do it for them.

Let’s Get Started

Google Email Address

The first thing to do is set up a Google email account. Even if you have an email account already, you will need to set up Google email because almost all of the social media sites use Google as a confirmation account to set up and verify who you are.

Type in your browser www.google.com  At the top click on “Gmail”. Click on “create an account”. Fill in the questions and write down your username and password. You should also write down your security question and answer.  “Click on “I accept create my account”. You now have a Google email account. Let’s start to get your social media sites set up.


  1. In your web browser type: www.twitter.com
  2. In the upper right hand corner press sign up
  3. Fill in the sign up form. The username can only be 15      characters long. Try to keep the name as close to the name of your      website/blog as possible. Fill in your email address and then press      “create account”
  4. Check your email and look for the one sent by twitter.      In the email it will tell you to press the link to activate the account.      Press on the link. You now have a twitter account. Below is what the upper      part of my twitter page looks like.
  5. Now we will set up your Facebook personal page and      Facebook business page.
  6. X out of Twitter and go to your browser.


  1.  Type in: www.facebook.com
  2. Fill in the information in the box and press Sign up.      Now check your email.
  3. Press the link that facebook sent to you to confirm      your account.
  4. You now have a Facebook personal account. In the upper      right hand side press “Account” and at the bottom press “log out”. This      will bring you back to the signup sheet. At the bottom in blue you will      see “Create a Page”. Press it.
  1.  Choose the “create a page for a:” button you want. Give the page a name and check off that you are the official representative of this page. Press “Create Official Page”
  2. You now have your Facebook business page that will link to your Twitter account that you created that will link to your website/blog that you will create.
  3. Take some time to put information on your Facebook personal site. people want to know about you.
  4. Let’s link facebook to twitter. Log into your Facebook Account using your email and password.
  5. In the upper right hand side press “Account” and then press “Manage Pages” Press the link that sends you to your Business page.
  6. Take some time to put information on your Facebook Business Site. People want to know about your business.
  7. In the browser window at the top of your screen put this link in. http://www.facebook.com/twitter/
  8. Press the “Link to Twitter button. This should take you to the permission screen of Twitter which will ask for your permission. You will need to type in your Twitter username and password. NOTE: This application does get stuck some times. If it’s been over a minute then do the following.  At the top of your screen you will see this web address in the window.  http://www.facebook.com/twitter/#!/feed/export/service_redirect.php?service=1&id=127294183987356
  9. Copy the web address and put it into the Google window and press enter.
  10.  Google may tell you the address is wrong. Just click back to your Facebook business page. This has always worked for me to get to the Twitter Permission Screen.

If you are not signed in to Twitter, put your username and password in and press Allow. Your Facebook business page is now linked to your Twitter Page. Whatever you post on your Facebook Business Page will automatically tweet on Twitter


A website/blog is the foundation of your social media network. It anchors all of the other sites down to it and gives your customer a centralized location from which to view and evaluate all of your services and products. A Website/Blog also allows you to interact and give refreshed, timely information on what is happening within you company.

There are many blogging sites to choose from and a few are free. I find the most versatile and easiest to use is WordPress. So here is the set up for WordPress in a nut shell.

  1. Type in your browser: http://www.wordpress.com
  2. On the right hand side of the page press ” sign up      now “
  3. A form will pop up that looks like this >
  4. fill in your blog address. This is the address that      your customers will type in to get to your website. The “.wordpress.com”      will be the ending to your address. You can eliminate this by creating and      buying a domaine name at GoDaddy or one of the other domain selling      websites and redirecting the domaine you purchased back to your wordpress      site. That is for another day. We move on.
  5. Fill in a user name and password and be sure to write      them down. Keep them in a safe place that you will remember because without      it you don’t get into your site.
  6. Fill in your Email address. WordPress will send you an      email to confirm who you are and then you will press the link they give      you. You now will be able to set up your blog.
  7. Go back to http://www.wordpress.com and sign into your blog.      Use your username and password that you saved in a place you didn’t      forget  and press Log in.
  8. At the top left press” My blog”. Then press “Dashboard”.      You are now in the control center of your website/blog.
  9. On the left hand side press. “Appearances” and select      the theme you would like your website/blog to have. I like the theme “Twenty      Ten”. A great theme that has a lot of extras to help tie all of you social      media sites together.
  10. Now is the time for you to pick a picture for the      header of your site. If you have a picture in mind and it is on your      computer then lets upload it now. skip to #39
  11. Find or take a picture that you want for your header      and load it on your computer. You can also use the pictures that the theme      already has if you prefer.
  12. Press “header”. Press “browse”, then double click on      the picture you want to use.
  13. The picture is now in the header. It will give you the      option to move the crop tool so you get the most important part of the      picture on your home page header.
  14. Save the changes and then press ” widget ”      located under the “appearance” section on the left hand side
  15. The widget page has many options that you can choose      from to determine the look and feel of your Blog. We will just go into the      basics for now. On the left you will see items to choose that will be dragged      to the right and inserted into the area that you choose. In this case to a      primary and secondary or Right side of the blog and 4 footer areas or      bottom of the blog.
  16. Drag the Twitter item to the Primary widget area and      release it there. Press the down arrow on the twitter item and this pops      up.
  1. Fill in the information and press save.
  2. When you post to Your Facebook business page it will now tweet on your Twitter account which will post to your Website Blog. That was easy.


  1. Now lets set up your Flickr account. Go to: www.flickr.com
  2. Create your account
  3. At the bottom of the screen press the “ sign in with another account” Click “Google”
  4. You can now Press “Personalize your profile”.
  5. Press “Let’s do it”.
  6. Press “find an image on my computer”.  Double click on the picture you want for your profile.
  7. Next choose the name or the “custom Flickr URL” you want for your account. Make sure to write this down because this name will be what we use to attach your pictures to your Website/blog.
  8. Next fill in you information if you like and press next.
  9. On the Right side press “Upload Photos and Videos”.
  10. Press “Choose Photos and Videos”. Double click on the photos you want to upload. You can upload more then on photo.
  11. Make sure the “Public” button is selected.
  12. Press “Upload”
  13. After it is 100% uploaded press “ Add a Discription”.
  14. Add Tags. This is important to help bring people to your photos when the are looking for your type of pictures.
  15. Add a description of the photo and be sure to use some of the tag words in the description.
  16. Press “Save”.
  17. Copy the URL of your Photo Stream by right clicking the link at the top. You will need to paste this link into your Website/blog Flickr widget coming up next.
  18. Locate the Flickr Widget and drag it over to the secondary widget area and release it in the box.
  19. The box below will appear.
  20. Fill in the Title you want for your photos
  21. Paste your URL that you just copied in Flickr into the “Flickr RSS URL” box
  22. How many Photos and what size
  23. Press Save
  24. Go to your main Website/blog page and your Flickr Photos are now displayed.
  25. Now we set up your Youtube account.
  1. Let’s go back to your Website/blog to flow your Flickr      photos to your If you signed out of your blog let’s get back into the      dashboard.  Go back to: www.wordpress.com  and sign into      your blog. Use your username and password that you saved in a place you      didn’t forget and press “Log in”.
  2. At the top left press “My blog”. Then “Dashboard”. You      are now in the control center of your website/blog.
  3. press ” widget ” located under the appearance      section on the left hand side
  4. Press the down arrow on the secondary widget area


  1. Type into your browser www.youtube.com
  2. Press “Create Account
  3.                         Fill in form.
  4. Try to use the same username. If it is taken pick something  that will reflect your business. Write it down and put it in a safe place
  5. Press “I accept”
  6. Check your email and press the link to create your Youtube account.
  7. You now have a Youtube account. In the upper right hand side you will see the name of you account. Press on your account name and a dropdown box will appear.
  8. Press “Account”
  9. On the left hand side press “Profile Setup”
  10. You can upload a picture, describe yourself and put your website/blog URL.
  11. You can now press on any of the blue links and fill in the information. Make sure to save the changes when you are done.
  12. Press “My Channel”
  13. Let’s upload a video if you have one ready. Press “Upload”
  14. You have two options upload a video you already have on your computer or record one from your webcam now.
  15. To upload a video from your computer press “upload video”
  16. Press your hard drive
  17. Press user
  18. Press video
  19. Double press the video you want and let it load. It may take several minutes to upload.
  20. After the video has uploaded click on “My Videos”
  21. Press “Edit” and add a description.  Press “save”
  22. Copy the URL at the top in your browser.
  23. If this is the video you want featured on yourwebsite/ blogs home page we will do that next.
  24. Go back to you website/blog and Press “My Blogs” Press “Dashboard”
  25. On the left hand side press “Pages”
  26. Press “Add New”
  27. Add a title
  28. Now go into the word program box. This is where we will add the video.
  29. Tap in the box and center the pointer.
  30. Press on the upload video symbol.
  31. Press “From URL”
  32. Tap in the URL box and Paste the Youtube URL that you copied earlier.
  33. Press “insert into post
  34. Press “update”
  35. Press “View Page
  36. There is your video on you page. Now press “Edit” and Write what you would like the front page to say. It can be a description of the video or of your company. Or maybe the video says it all.
  37. You are almost there. All you have to do now is decide how you would like the Website/blog to flow. Some standard pages would be Home, About, Contact Us and your blog posts would be a good start.
  38. Take your time and look around and work with your website/blog for awhile and get the feel of it. And If you get in a jam and you purchased this manual for me. Shoot me an email at: socialmediaconnected.comcast.net and I will walk you through it and help you in any way that I can.
  39. Now that your feeling good with your website/blog we need to put you and your business on the map. Google Map that is.

Google Place Map

  1. Type into your browser   http://www.google.com/local/add/analyticsSplashPage?utm_campaign=en&utm_medium=ha&utm_source=en-ha-na-us-places_bkws&pli=1
  2. Press “List Your Business”
  3. Fill in your phone # and press “Find Business Information” Make sure you are near the phone to your business. Google will call and give you a # to verify you listing.
  4. If a business is listed under that # you will be able to edit it. You can also “Add A New Listing”
  5. Fill in all of the information you have and press “Submit”
  6. Google will now call to give you the activation #
  7. You will be able to go in and edit your listing, add video and make it represent your business in a positive like. Now when folks are trying to find a certain type of business in a certain town. Your business will pop up on Google maps. You will be found.


Linkedin is a professional profile site for business to business contacts. Linkedin Is important in that it is a site that identifies who is leading the company that is featured in this social media site connection campaign.  In Linkedin you form contacts with people you do business with or wish to do business with. You also can join groups that target specific discussions. You engage in these groups and become a leader with ideas and solutions to other people’s concerns. Here is how to set up Linkedin.

  1. Type www.linkedin.com
  2. Fill in the box on the right and press “Join Now”
  3. Fill in your profile information and press “ Create my profile”
  4. Skip the next step of searching you contacts email list. Press “skip this step”
  5. Go to your email and confirm the address for Linkedin.
  6. Fill in as much of your profile as possible. Use a good head shot and give good descriptions in your business summary. Keep in mind to use good key words that will draw contacts to you. Make sure to upload your resume and give links to your important sites. Make sure to include your twitter feeds into your profile. Search for connections and ask for recommendations from people you know.
  7. After your profile is pretty well set up. Join a group discussion. One that will benefit both you and the group. Start sharing your expertise and becoming the person to Ask.
  8. Add your company to  linkedin  http://www.linkedin.com/company/add/show
  9. Fill in the information and press “continue”
  10. Confirm your email and fill in your company information.

Congratulations you have done it. Now it is time to tell the world all about you and your company. Remember you need to build your community up. Give them fresh content. Share yourself and your ideas with them. Have fun!

There is so much more you can do with social media. Don’t forget that these are just some of the tools. You need to get out in the real world and make your connections also. Promote, Promote, Promote.

If you have any problems with any of the steps in this manual just email me. I will get right back to you and we will walk you through the set up.

Here is my email address:  socialmediaconnected@comcast.net  If you would like to recieve this post with a picture tutorial on how to set up these 7 essential sites. Just email me and I would be happy to send it to you free of charge. I do not give away any information about you to anyone.

From this point on we will look at some new sites that have come along recently and tell you about the benefits of useing them for your business. Google+, Pinterest, Dropbox and more.

I have been asked by some readers to incorperate some pictures with this post. Instead I have posted my pdf file  complete with pictures and clickable links. Connected The Book

Next up Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/

If I can help you with building a website or social media stratergy.

Email me at:mailto:socialmediaconnected@comcast.net

Or fill in the form below with any questions you might have and I will answer them as quickly as posible.


About Social Media Connected

A social driven Maine based company serving the needs of businesses and promoting Maine as the destination state.
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  1. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this
    is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

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