Business and Personal Achievement Awards

Let the world know who you are and what you have done. Go after those awards that are being handed out by the organization you belong to. If you don’t do it don’t count on anyone else to do it for you. You know your business and what you do for the community. People are interested in knowing that about you and your business.You don’t give to be recognized but you are recognized because you give. So tell them your story and the story of your business.

Two years ago Social Media Connected went after the “Big business of the Year Award” for Cook’s Lobster House and Cook’s received the award. It was a fantastic PR punch that brought a great deal of recognition to the business. This year Social Media Connected Life Time Achievement Awardapplied for two awards from the Maine restaurant Association. The Restaurant of the Year award and the Life time achievement award. I am happy to report we were informed that Curt Parent will receive the Life Time Achievement Award at the awards dinner in April of 2012. The Maine Restaurant Association will send a professional camera crew to produce a film about Curt and his business. The film will be featured on their website for a year not to mention the newspaper articles, postings at the food expo and word of mouth exposure.

Below is the letter that I sent in on behalf of Cook’s Lobster House and Curt Parent.

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to nominate Curt Parent for the lifetime achievement award. I would also like to nominate Cook’s Lobster House for the Maine Restaurant of the Year Award. Curt and his family have owned Cook’s Lobster House Restaurant and Lobster Shipping Company since 1955. Cook’s Lobster House is an icon to the Mid Coast Maine area. Cooks draws thousands of visitors and Mainers to the region by its name recognition. In 1997 Cook’s Lobster House was one of only 7 businesses in the nation selected to be featured in the world wide visa commercial.  Home Of The International Visa Commercial . Cook’s promotion of the beauty and natural resources that Harpswell has to offer has helped to make Harpswell a destination vacation spot. Tour boats, charters, walking trails, beaches and the local businesses are all promoted on Cook’s Lobster House’s social media sites. Cook’s also puts on and pays for the 4th of July fireworks that are displayed on its point of land.

Cook’s Lobster has been voted the #1 Seafood Restaurant in Mid Coast Maine since 1995 along with being “1996 Editor’s Pick” for Yankee Magazine.

Cook’s was awarded the Big Business of the Year award by the Southern Mid Coast Maine Chamber Of Commerce in 2010

Curt understands the importance of giving back to the community. He has his management participate actively in the local business organizations. Cook’s managers are on the board of directors of the Harpswell Business Association and the marketing committee of the Southern Mid Coast Chamber. Cook’s is a member of the Maine Restaurant Association, The Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Maine Tourism Association, The Southern Mid Coast Chamber, The Harpswell Business Association and a host of other great organization in Maine. Curt also has the restaurant support local charities and organizations like the local fire department and even has hosted its own Christmas party’s to raise money for the Harpswell Home Heating Assistance Program.

Curt has coached The Mid coast Youth Hockey Team for 9 years and was the Vice President of the organization for 4 of those years. In addition Cook’s has sponsored the Mid Coast Youth Hockey Team for 30 years. Curt also during the same time period coached the Brunswick Middle school Hockey Team From 2006 to 2009. The Brunswick Team won the Southern Middle School championship in 2007 while Curt was coach. Curt also coached the Brunswick Carl Ripken Baseball team for 6 years and was a director for four of those years.

Cook’s employs near 100 people over the course of the year, providing a stable income for the areas local population. Curt personally directs the shipping of over 2 million pounds of lobster to Canada. This Maine lobsters gets processed and shipped throughout the world. Cook’s provide safe docking and storage for Maine lobstermen. Cook’s shipping part of the business helps lobstermen throughout the region keep a steady market for their catch of Maine lobster.

Cook’s Lobster House is concerned with keeping Maine and the environment pristine and economically viable. During the summer months Cook’s has a sea life educational tank that helps educate, by hands on fun, the importance of the marine environment and sea life to Maine.

Curt’s dedication to Maine and sustaining the Maine lobster industry. Curt’s giving to the community personally and by his employees. Curt’s dedication to the local kids and community. Curt’s continuous success in the restaurant and lobster industry, are the reasons I am nominating Curt Parent for the life time achievement award and Cook’s Lobster House for the Restaurant of the year award.

Thanks you for your consideration,

Peter Boisvert

Cook’s Lobster House


The bottom line is GO FOR IT. Let the world know who you are and what you have done. It will pay off with large dividends.

If Social Media Connected can assist in your efforts to get the word out about you or your business, please give us a call at 207-729-4746 or

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I look forward helping you or your business receive the recognition you deserve.


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