Stephanie Slocum Speaks To The Harpswell Maine Business Association

Stephanie Slocum Guest Speaker

Stephanie Slocum Talks to Harpswell Business Association

The Harpswell Maine Business Association had it’s annual meeting on March 9th at the Harpswell Inn. The guest speaker was Stephanie Slocum. Stephanie is the director of the Brunswick Downtown Association. Stephanie was director of the B.D.A. in 2003-2004 and then moved on to help develop the Freeport  and Virgina Business Associations. She has returned to Brunswick and has revitalized the B.D.A. You can feel the excitement in her voice as she talks about the community she serves.

Stephanie spoke to the H.B.A. about the master plan for the downtown corridor and how the B.D.A was working with the town to improve and move along the progress of the plan. Some of the target points of the B.D.A is the retention of existing businesses, attracting new diversified business and improving the visual appeal of Brunswick. The B.D.A talks to the businesses in Brunswick to hear the concerns and ideas that they have to improve the climate of the town for conducting business. Stephanie would like to see expanded events and activities by collaborating with non profits, the art community and the historical society. Stephanie is looking at marketing initiatives to bring to the attention of Mainers and tourist, the resources available to them right here in the Brunswick/Harpswell Area. Brunswick being the gateway, with it’s rich collection of culture, fine restaurants, museums and shopping, to the coastal community of Harpswell , with its fine Inns, restaurants, rich history, and vibrant water related activities. Harpswell has the largest coastline of any town in the US.

Cultural cooperation to build a greater brand for the Brunswick/Harpswell area based on art, history, events, day trips, Water activities, and a host of other mutually beneficial draws to make both communities stronger. Marketing this cooperation is the key. With strong development at the Main Street Train Station and the Brunswick Naval Air Station, the signs of success are here. This cooperation can help to bill Brunswick/Harpswell as one of the premier destinations for residents of Maine and for the traveling tourist.

The HBA would like to thank Stephanie Slocum for her time and the inspiring talk she presented at the Harpswell Business Association annual meeting.

Thank you Richard and Ann and the Harpswell Inn for the food and meeting space. Thank you to Jen and John and the Black Sheep Wine Shop for the Beverages.

Next membership meeting is April 13th.

See you there.


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