Harpswell Business Association Social Media Setup

The Harpswell Business Association meeting on February 9th will be an attempt to get our business members signed up, connected and using social media sites. In order to bring more visibility to their businesses and the Harpswell area.

The first thing will be to get the attending members that want to make use of social media to give me their email address. I will then during the course of the regular meeting send out the Essential Social Media Sites Manual to the email addresses so they can use the links in the manual for easy navigation.

I will begin my workshop with an introduction to social media and a look at what one of our businesses is doing with social media. Cook’s Lobster house Social Media campaign

Next we visit the Harpswell Business Association Facebook page We will discuss what this page can be used for. Letting members know about event, specials, new businesses, community concerns, etc. How a post can grow in view by sharing and liking and how that can be seen by our friends and their friends.

Work Shop: I expect that there will be people at different levels of knowledge  at the meeting and so with the manual on their computer. we will have them start at where their interest is. I will be there to answer any questions they may have and help them to set up their sites and link them together.


About Social Media Connected

A social driven Maine based company serving the needs of businesses and promoting Maine as the destination state.
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