Customer Rewards Club

Your customers want to know that they are important to you and your business. They also like to be rewarded and given special treatment. Who doesn’t? A customer club is a great way to give all of this to your customers while building loyalty and good public relations. A club can take on many different forms but there are a few basic ideas that will produce great results for your business. Below is a basic list of elements that will help make your club a winner for you and your customers.

    1. Make the club easy to understand. Have the sign up be easy, obtaining the basic info you and your employees will need to make all members feel important. Name, for recognition and getting personal. Email, for notification of specials, events, discounts, newsletters. 
    2. Have the Rules of the club clearly stated so the customer knows what to expect as soon as they sign up. In this example the rules are on the back of the sign up card.
    3. Give your club members an identification card that enables them to show you they are members and relays their name to you and your staff. It also lets them show off a bit, to who ever they might have with them, when they pull out the card and the special attention begins. What a great way to get other customers to notice and start asking about the club.
    4. Organize the data you receive in a worksheet to keep it organized and for quick reference. 
    5. Set up email contacts with the information they provide. Make sure that you don’t over due the emails with your guest. Keep it friendly and informative.
    6. Create a great looking newsletter. Give them information about what is happening at the company, whats new, the prize winners, what is happening with the club. Insert links to your website and ask them to fan you on facebook, Put the newsletter on a schedule so your customers look forward to receiving it.
    7. That is the basic idea to forming a club for your customers. Be creative and have fun. Make your customers feel important. They are important!


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