Customer Loyalty Is Hard Work

You have a great restaurant and your guest seem quite happy when they leave. You’ve taught your staff the proper way to greet, prepare and serve. Why is it that you don’t see these same guest for months on end? With so many great competitors out there, why should they come back to you the next time they go out for a meal?
Start looking at your guest in a different way. They are not just the money in your cash drawer, although that is the end result that we all seek to survive. Instead make your guest feel like they are part of your restaurant. A vital link in the machinery that makes the restaurant work. Just like any part of a machine you have to take care of it or it will break down and not do what it was made to do. Which is spend money in your restaurant.
How do you do this? One way that has generated great returns is to form a club which gives incentives to our guest and builds communications. The first step is to get them to join which is easy because there is nothing to loose and every thing to gain ( very important ). You now have there name and hopefully their email or address so you can send out newsletters, incentives and be able to contact them when they have won the monthly prize that they did nothing for other then join the Club. When they join they received a Club card with their name on it. When they come in next they present the card to the server and their incentive discounts begin. Not to mention that you now know the name of the guest, which the server and the host and management use to thank the guest. The manager or host should even go to the table to give the guest an update on their status within the club, making sure the guest at nearby tables hear the conversation and wonder why they are not part of the club. The more the guest comes in the better the discounts, the more you and your staff use their names and the more the guest feels that they are a valuable part of your operation.
There are many ways to set up one of these clubs and you will have to form it into what best fits your operation. Just keep in mind that the point is to make the guest feel that they are an important part of your operation.


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