Using Social Media Tools for Business Success

Social Media tools give you the ability to interact, communicate, listen to your guests and community both on line using the latest sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Linkedin, Youtube, Flicker and email lists. Social media also refers to face to face or off line interaction with the guest and community. Joining local organizations like the chamber, business groups and associations. The use of social media tools will increase your presence and awareness of your products and services. Helping you in achieving business success.

Here is what social media has been able to do for one of our clients. Cook’s Lobster House.

First of all we manage and update their website. We then set up the basic social media sites and linked them together. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a blog. We manage their sites, posting  interesting events, beautiful pictures of the scenery, pictures of the guest and employees and videos of the work being done. This helps to keep Cooks Lobster House in front of its customers. It keeps the customer interested and feeling that they are a part of the business.

Joining community organizations and giving your time to help the area that you do business in can generate big rewards. Cook’s Lobster House was awarded the Mid Coast Maine Big Business of The Year Award in 2010. That award came about because Social Media Connected kept Cook’s Lobster House connected with the chamber and promoted Cooks as deserving the award. Cooks deserved the award but would not have been recognized if they had not been involved and committed to the community. ( UPDATE) We just were notified that Curt Parent will receive the “Life Time Achievement Award” from the Maine Restaurant association on April 3rd 2012 at the annual awards dinner. We wrote and submitted the application for Curt to be selected for the award. Networking, meeting the people that also do business in your area can lead to great contacts and increased business traffic. We can set up the strategy to make this happen for you and your company.

One of the things that I have found that has helped to drive traffic to Cooks Lobster House is showing the area that surrounds them including the natural beauty and the local businesses that the guest might be able to enjoy while visiting Cook’s.

The use of blogs for highlighting the walking trails of the area draws a great deal of interest as well as the blog that lists the hotels, campgrounds, and Inns in the area. Give your prospective customer more reasons for using your business. Make sure to provide links to and from all of your sites so you don’t lose them.

People love to belong, to have a sense of being an important part of something. To help the guests of Cook’s feel that sense of importance we created Cook’s club. Cook’s Club gives rewards and incentives for frequenting Cook’s. This is a great tool for Cooks because it allows the employees and management to get personal with the guest, learning their names and obtaining their emails for newsletters.

Social Media is being social. It takes commitment and a belief that you have a product that the public wants. Engage and show off your company as much as you can through the many channels available to you and don’t forget to LISTEN to your customers.


About Social Media Connected

A social driven Maine based company serving the needs of businesses and promoting Maine as the destination state.
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