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This is a collection of Christmas originals

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An Island Christmas Gift

By Potatoepete

Pete looked at the tree all lit up across the harbor with its bright red, blue and golden lights twinkling in the bitter cold air. He could hear the singing and the laughing of so many people having a good time. Pete shook his head as he picked up the last of the scrapes of wood to heat his home. Inside his wife and children waited for him to return so they might have dinner together by the fire. It was so cold. How could he go in and face his family with so much need and no way to comfort them except these last bits of wood. His blood boiled as he thought of the plenty that was just across the harbor. The food, the drink, the warmth. Why he asked himself had this happen to him. He had worked hard all his life, He had been a fair man to his fellow man. He even went to church now and then when he didn’t have to tend to the gear.
He laid the last of the sticks of wood on the fire. The fire crackled and the scent of  wood smoke filled the room. Pete sat at the table and tried as best he could to smile and reassure his family that all was going to be ok. The faces of his family warmed him as his wife dished out the stew. Vegetables and broth vapors danced up and touched Pete’s nose and the children laughed with delight seeing the steam dance around Pete’s head. That is the last of the fire wood Pete said with  a saddened voice. Tomorrow I shall have to go try to find some wood in lot accross the street. Don’t worry It will be alright, he said trying to comfort them.

Things had been tough before but never this bad. His fishing boat had been sunk by the nor’easter that hit the island in November. Peter had gone donw to check on the boat a couple of time during the storm but there was nothing he could do. He stood on the shore and watched as his boat came off its mooring and crashed on the rocks at the entrance of Will’s Gut. That fishing boat was the only source of income he had to support his family.
After dinner the children were sent up to bed and he and his wife sat and talked of the good times in the past they had at Christmas. The gifts and food. Why had life all of a sudden turned on them so cruelly? Pete Glared out his window at the tree across the harbor and building full of happy people. I am going over there to ask them what is right about them being so happy and my family having not even the wood to keep us warm this Christmas. Pete started to get up when his wife pulled him back down and softly said, We have each other. A calming feeling came over him and he took his place next to her again.
Look Pete said, I guess their party is over. They looked as a parade of cars and trucks left the building across the harbor and started across the bridge. I bet they had a great time with not a care in the world. I bet their Christmas trees will be filled to the top with presents for their children. His wife held his hand tightly as he trembled with the thought that their tree would be bare except for the hand made items his wife had so lovingly made for all of them.
As the parade of vehicles came across the bridge his phone rang. It was his stern man that had worked for him for many years. Hey Pete, The stern man said just left a great party wish you could have been there. Pete’s anger grew as he thought of the party that had just gotten out across the harbor. I’m coming over his stern man said.
Pete hung up the phone and thought about how he was going to give his stern man a lesson. Going to a party, not telling me about it, having a great time while my family is on the road to destruction. I’ll let him have it, he said to himself.  Just then a knock came at the front door. Pete was furious. He went to the door and opened it wide. Surprise! came the roar of a multitude of voices. Pete walked out into the cold night and shielded his eyes from all of the light given off by the parade of cars that had driven across the harbor bridge and were now on his front lawn. His stern man came up to him and said Merry Christmas Pete. We brought you some wood and some things to put under the tree for the kids. I could not believe the faces.  It seemed like half the town was there on my front lawn. Yeah, his stern man said, we had a little party to help you out and a lot of the town showed up. We have something for you out back Pete. We made our way to the back and there stood  a most beautiful sight. A lobster boat. We knew you couldn’t make it with out a boat so the entire town has been collecting money and we were able to get her for you Pete. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I fell to my knees and thanked the Lord and my many friends.

I don’t know all the secrets of this life but this I do know.  The spirit of Christmas is all around us. God has made sure of that.

Merry Christmas My Friends!


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One Response to Christmas with Potatoepete

  1. Jeff Snow says:

    Wonderful story Pete. We appreciate all you do. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Jeff

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