Potatoepete’s The Man, The Story Teller, The Turkey

Thanksgiving is very special to Potatoepete. Potatoepete was raised on the shores of Casco Bay by a pack of wild turkeys. He loved to run the fields of Harpswell pecking on wild grains and berries. Potatoepete loved all his turkey relatives and friends, but he grew restless and longed to see the world. Besides, he was cold without feathers.  When he was still very young he left the only family he had ever known to see the sights of the Island they call Bailey. He never looked back.  He is the authority of all things Bailey Island. They say he can spot a clam sticking out it’s neck to feed from half a mile away. He can read the ocean like a book and tell you when  a storm is about to hit the island. He is the recipient of the prized Herring Award and a five time nominee for the Seagull Crown. So Thanksgiving is extra special to Potatoepete with so many memories to bring him back to those carefree days. So when you see Potatoepete wish him a happy Thanksgiving and if he asks you what your doing to celebrate this holiday, DON’T TELL HIM, I’M EATING TURKEY. 😉  View the  ThanksGiving Menu at Cook’s Lobster House on Bailey Island Maine.

Ma and Pa Potatoepete

We are proud to have Potatoepete present to you an inside look at Cook’s Lobster house. Potatoepete will cover everything from the landing of lobsters to the making of Cook’s world famous blueberry pie. With out further to do please watch Potatoepete’s introduction to his new hit video series on Cook’s Lobster House.


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