Cook’s Lobster House Bailey Island, Maine

Cook's Lobster House

Cook's Lobster House

Hidden on a little island connected by a cribstone bridge ( the only cribstone bridge in the world ) is a great restaurant called Cook’s Lobster House. Surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. Cook’s has one of the most beautiful locations in Maine. A fleet of lobster boats makes sure that your seafood is the freshest that can be had. Lobster bakes on their point are an experience that won’t be forgotten. Tour boat cruises take you around the island departing from Cook’s dock daily in the summer. Cook’s ships lobster nation  wide.Cook’s Lobster House, Experience Maine the way it should be. For more information on Cook’s Lobster house. Phone 207-833-2818 or  for some great pics visit them at:


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One Response to Cook’s Lobster House Bailey Island, Maine

  1. potatoepete says:

    Cook’s is awesome. Best views,best seafood, Great service. I love it there!

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