Maine Restaurant Consulting Management Company

We are a Maine restaurant consulting and management company. Providing the tools needed to connect to customers and run your restaurant profitably. Tech support and installation, online strategys using website design and social media to promote your business. Off line traditional tools to put your business “Between The Pages” and ahead of your competitors in the book of business success.

“Between The Pages”By Emile Boisvert

We provide the tools and creative ideas your company needs to grow and prosper in a tougher more competitive world.

At Social Media Connected we also do tech support for any issues you may be experiencing with your website maintenance or with installation. If you need support and you need it fast give us a call and see if we can help you thru this time of difficulty.


Why your company needs social media

Social media has the power to put you and your company in front of your customers. You build relationships and trust by communicating and listening to your customers. Whether it’s using a blog/website to introduce your business to customers.Twitter/Facebook for fast, personal customer news and interaction or  video/pictures to showcase your brand.

Social Media Connected is unique because we not only use the web to bring you business. We promote real world to generate leads and sales for our clients. Creating a strong relationship with the community your located in.

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